Paulo Martins was awarded an honorable mention "Cor Baayen Young Researcher Award", by the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM).

Paulo Martins finished his PhD in 2019 "Arithmetic and Algorithms for Emerging Cryptography" under the guidance of Leonel Sousa at INESC-ID and currently holds positions at Samsung R&D Institute United Kingdom. He was one of the distinguished in a total of 13 finalists of this special award, which annually recognizes the promising work developed by a young researcher in the fields of computing and mathematics.

Paulo Martins revealed that the distinction surprised him, since this is a “very competitive prize”. “I see this mention as a validation of my doctoral thesis and cause for enthusiasm for future work”, he says. Emphasizing the importance of the award “in the area of ​​computer science and applied mathematics”, Paulo mentions that he has “a special appreciation for this contest” since its founder “stimulated research in the area of ​​cryptography, which is one of my main research interests ”.