About Us

20 Years Defining Technology

Strategic Programme 2015/2020

INESC-ID aims at being the main research center for combined Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) in Portugal, addressing a wide range of related fields, including: energy systems, control, signal processing, electronics (circuit design, quality, and test), embedded systems, networks, distributed systems, software engineering, algorithms, data management, bioinformatics, information systems, intelligent agents, human computer interfaces and graphics, and natural language processing. The laboratory is committed to achieving excellence in all of these topics and the indicators of scientific quality of INESC-ID have been steadily improving over the years since its creation. In several of its areas, INESC-ID already competes at the highest level in the international arena.

Our strategic plan is to leverage these strong foundations to embrace, larger, multi-disciplinary projects with higher impact in society. Namely, INESC-ID plans for the next years:

  • To continue and expand the set-up of inter-disciplinary projects;
  • To reinforce the experimental infrastructures of the laboratory;
  • To further increase the internationalization, by augmenting the participation in research networks and by increasing the number of international post-doc and PhD students;
  • To also increase the number of on-going technology-transfer activities to the Portuguese CSE and ECE industrial sectors;
  • In cooperation with the universities and schools associated with INESC-ID, to continue to serve as one of the largest contributors of qualified people (BSc, MSc, and PhD) in the areas of CSE and ECE;
  • To improve the number and qualifications of the supporting staff;
  • To continue to improve its internal quality assessment mechanisms;

By providing a suitable environment to host and support the best researchers in all areas of CSE and ECE, we aim at hosting in Portugal the know-how required to face the technological challenges of the future, to help the country to remain competitive.

Our Mission

Integrate competences from researchers in electrical engineering and computer science to advance the state of the art in computers, telecommunications and information systems.

Support the first stages of the value generation chain: basic research, applied research and advanced education.

In cooperation with other institutions, perform technology transfer, support the creation of technology based startups and provide technical support.

About Us

The Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa (INESC-ID) is a R&D institute dedicated to advanced research and development in the fields of Information Technologies, Electronics, Communications, and Energy.

INESC-ID is a non-profit institution, privately owned by IST and INESC, officially declared of public interest. It was created in 2000, as a result of a reorganization of its parent institution. Since December 2004, the institution has the status of “Laboratório Associado” from FCT.

Currently, we integrate more than one hundred PhD researchers and two hundred post-graduation students divided between eleven scientific areas and four thematic lines.

INESC-ID has participated in more than 70 research projects funded by the European Union and more than 190 projects funded by nationals entities. Until today, our researchers have published more than 700 papers in international journal papers, more than 3000 papers in international conferences, and have registered 15 patents and/or brands.

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