The Smart Energy LAB was created on October 18th, awarded with the FCT label of CoLAB and a funding of 2.2 million euros for the creation of new highly qualified and innovation-oriented jobs. With the initial investment of EDP Comercial, the project will have an opening funding of 4.4 million euros to develop innovative and market oriented solutions.

INESC-ID is a partner of the Smart Energy LAB. Together with EDP Comercial, Accenture, Instituto Superior Técnico, Faculdade de Ciências de Lisboa, Universidade de Coimbra, INESC TEC, we expect to succeed in developing technology solutions and in designing products that support customer needs in areas such as mobility, storage, flexibility management or community energy management.

On November 20th, a kick-off workshop was held at EDP’s office, attended by members of the partners involved. The final result was the identification of a set of key issues around the theme of Energy. By January 2020, it is expected that a series of meetings will be set up by working groups to tackle each of these key issues.