Catarina Gonçalves Fidalgo

General Info

GroupGraphics and Interaction (GI)
Role in INESC-IDIntern
EntityInstituto Superior Técnico
DegreeLicenciatura Pos Bolonha

Main Interests

I am an HCI Researcher at INESC-ID under the supervision of Professor Joaquim Jorge, Professor David Lindlbauer, and Dr. Maurício Sousa. I received my Integrated MSc. degree in Aerospace Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa / University of Lisbon and am starting my PhD in Human-Computer Interaction through the FCT - CMU Portugal 2021 Dual Degree Ph.D. Program. Highly motivated by technological challenges and innovation, I designed and evaluated an approach for remote virtual collaboration during my master thesis. I am excited about research in Human-Computer Interaction, Remote Collaboration, 3D User Interfaces, Perception Manipulation and Mixed Reality. In my one-year exchange program in India, and my two-month backpacking through southeast Asia, I have enriched my adaptability to new environments and developed great intercultural sensitivity. I am currently a member of the organizing committee of the international conference IEEE VR 2021.


Phone214233508 (Portugal +351)