INESC-ID is now involved in three projects in the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program, with a total of 5,1M€ financed by the Portuguese Government, through National Innovation Agency (ANI), Portugal 2020, Portuguese National Funding Agency for Science (FCT), and private investment.

The projects GOLEMIntelligentCare, and MAIA are led by Portuguese companies in collaboration with several institutions, to develop innovative tools in artificial intelligence, internet of things and health, for access to users.

GOLEM is led by OutSystems, in partnership with INESC-ID and NOVA LINCS Institute, from the Nova University of Lisbon and has the long term goal of automating programming and revolutionize the experience of developing applications. In this way, ordinary citizens can create applications suitable for their purposes, without needing to program. 

IntelligentCare aims to manage the presence of two or more chronic diseases (multimorbidity), focused on the patient, personalized and using analytical methodologies. This project will evaluate healthcare delivery through patient reported measures, based on patient risk scores to contribute to hospital resources optimization. IntelligentCare is led by GLSMED LH, which counts on the partnership of INESC-ID, Priberam Informática, IST-ID, Instituto Superior Técnico, and Hospital da Luz.

The project MAIA intends to develop a multilingual conversational platform that will allow users to be assisted by AI agents. MAIA is led by Unbabel in colaboration with INESC-ID and Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT).