Based in Brussels, INESC Brussels HUB was created, recently, to increase the success of the five institutes from INESC Group: INESC Coimbra, INESC ID, INESC MN, INESC TEC, and INESC Inovação.
INESC Brussels HUB is an important step to raise INESC institutes to an international level.

At the beginning of March, representatives from the five institutions gathered together with Portuguese Members of the European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) to present INESC to all the institutions, and also, present histories of successful research and innovation with economic and social impact, with the resource to European funds.
Also, this meeting was important to discuss the contribution of INESC in different pieces of legislation and the internationalization of the INESC group.

Recently INESC Brussels Hub has launched a monthly newsletter that can be read here: Edition 1 | Edition 2.