MSc Theses

MSc Theses: 9


Afonso Faria
ARCADE: Augmenting Rehabilitation Centres to Assist Physiotherapists through Digital Environments
MSc Thesis, Nov. 2018 [bibTex]
Bárbara Santos
ImmersiveMind: Terapia de Reminiscência através da utilização de Vídeos 360º
MSc Thesis, Nov. 2018 [bibTex]
Alexandre Gordo
Virtual Reality for Locomotion Rehabilitation
MSc Thesis, Nov. 2018 [bibTex]
Implant Planning with a Tablet in an Augmented Reality Environment
MSc Thesis at Universidade de Lisboa, May. 2018 [bibTex]


João Borges Pereira
A Sketch-Based Interface for Modeling Articulated Figures
MSc Thesis at IST, Nov. 2017 [bibTex]
Computer-Aided Virtual Reality Environment for Collaborative CT Colonography
MSc Thesis, Nov. 2017 [bibTex]
Filipe Manuel Baptista Marques
Measurement of imperceptible breathing movements from Kinect Skeleton Data
MSc Thesis at Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Nov. 2017 [bibTex]
André Filipe Pinto Domingues
MSc Thesis at Universidade de Lisboa, Oct. 2017 [bibTex]
José Pedro Carapuça Serrano
Strategies to Accelerate Cloth Simulations: A non-polygonal approach to contact detection
MSc Thesis at IST, Oct. 2017 [bibTex]