Visualization and Intelligent Multimodal Interfaces


Research innovative interaction and visualization techniques that improve Human-Computer Interfaces to address real needs.


The Visualization and Intelligent Multimodal Interfaces group does research in novel user interaction paradigms and high-performance graphics rendering with applications to Health, Design and Manufacturing applications. We have focused our activities on Global Illumination algorithms and Multimodal Interfaces, including speech, sound, vision, brain-computer interfaces and full-body posture among other modalities.


The Visualization and Intelligent Multimodal Interfaces group, at INESC-ID (Lisbon, Portugal), works on:

  • Multimodal Interfaces

  • Visualization and Simulation

  • Virtual,Mixed and Augmented Reality

  • Physically-based Rendering

  • Multimedia Information Retrieval and Sketch-Based Modeling

  • Information Visualization

  • Accessibility and Mobile Computing

  • Computational Geometry and Surface Representations

Group Coordinator

Hugo Miguel Aleixo Albuquerque Nicolau

João António Madeiras Pereira

Parent Lab

Interactive Intelligent Systems (IIS)

Group Web Site

Administrative Support

Ana Paula Lança Barrancos Monteiro