Seminar | 336 | 11:00

Paulo Jorge de Oliveira Cantante de Matos, Departamento de Engenharia Informática – Abstract: Até há bem pouco tempo, cerca 1947, a investigação em sistemas de inequações lineares era feita por um grupo isolado de investigadores. Com o surgir dos computadores … Continued

A Case for a Triangular Waveform Clock Signal

Seminar | 336 | 14:00

J. Monteiro, Inesc-ID – Abstract: Despite the aggravation of issues such as power consumption, noise and clock skew, caused by increasingly higher clock frequencies, the synchronous design paradigm continues to be the most widely used in the project of general … Continued

Detecção de Intrusões

Seminar | 336 | 14:00

Ricardo Miguel Gonçalves Lebre, Departamento de Engenharia Informática – Abstract: O aumento da conectividade tem levado ao crescimento explosivo da Internet, tornando-se possível a oferta de serviços tradicionais, disponibilizados on-line de forma a simplificar a sua utilização (ex: concursos públicos … Continued

Evaluation of microarchitectures: challenges and metrics

Seminar | INESC-ID, Room 425 | 11:00

Leonel Sousa, Inesc-ID – Abstract: The midlifekicker metric is presented, mainly for evaluating microarchitectures mostly during the design process. We assume a microarchitecture designed at a time T-1 and estimate if a new microarchitecture projected for time T has really … Continued

Reliability-Driven Hardware/Software Partitioning

Seminar | 336 | 15:00

Fabian Vargas, PUCRS – Pontifícia Univ. Católica do Rio Grande do Sul – Abstract: This seminar emphasizes techniques co-implemented in hardware/Software (Hw/Sw) digital systems. Trade-offs between “reliability”, “implementation cost” and “performance degradation” are discussed in terms of on-line fault detection, … Continued

Practical Proofs of Concurrent Programs

Seminar | 336 | 16:00

Marc Shapiro Joint work with Viktor Vafeiadis, Maurice Herlihy, Tony Hoare, INRIA and LIP6 – Abstract: Reasoning about fine-grain concurrent programs is extremely difficult because threads can interfere with one another in arbitrary ways. We propose to use the ‘rely-guarantee’ … Continued

XML for databases and much more

Seminar | INESC-ID/IST Tagus Park (sala de reuniões 2-N7.1) | 10:30

Ioana Manolescu-Goujot, INRIA Futurs – Abstract: The last seven years have witnessed the emergence of the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) promoted by the Web’s regulatory board, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Since then, XML has gained tremendous adoption in … Continued

Building Scalable Routing and Storage Primitives

Seminar | 336 | 17:00

Brad Karp, INTEL – Abstract: Wireless sensor networks promise great societal benefit, but they also pose significant technical challenges, arising from their resource-constrained hardware and their expected large scale of deployment. In this talk, I will describe designs for two … Continued

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