SafeCloud: against more powerful adversaries

SSL/TLS communication channels play a very important role in Internet security: it is the “S” in HTTPS. However, there are concerns about the strength of the security mechanisms used in TLS channels, as shown by attacks such as Logjam ( … Continued

Global Game Jam 2018

Carlos Martinho, researcher at the Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters group of INESC-ID, is organizing the Global Game Jam 2018,  the world’s largest game jam event with physical locations in 95 countries. During the worldwide event: At each site, participants … Continued

INESC-ID new management bodies

A new Board of Directors and a new Scientific Council Board were recently elected to the 2018-2019 biennium. The new Board of Directors is composed by: Leonel Sousa, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Luís Correia, Inês Lynce and Jorge Fernandes. The new Scientific … Continued

Signing Ceremony between INESC-ID and SPR

The signing ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement between INESC-ID and the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology will take place on December 22 at 9:00 am in the meeting hall of the Central Pavilion at IST Alameda. This agreement establishes the terms … Continued

“Digital Minds” in Observador

The digital newspaper “Observador” interviewed Arlindo Oliveira, President of Instituto Superior Técnico and researcher at INESC-ID. The interview is centered in his recent book”Digital Minds”, where we can find Arlindo Oliveira point of you, and some answers about the future … Continued

HiPEAC Tech Transfer Awards

Congratulations to Aleksandar Ilic, researcher at INESC-ID,  one of the ten winners selected for the 2017 HiPEAC Tech Transfer Awards with the Cache-aware Roofline Model integration in Intel® Advisor. Cache-aware Roofline model provides a simple and intuitive way of visually representing the … Continued

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