SafeCloud: against more powerful adversaries

SSL/TLS communication channels play a very important role in Internet security: it is the “S” in HTTPS. However, there are concerns about the strength of the security mechanisms used in TLS channels, as shown by attacks such as Logjam ( … Continued

Global Game Jam 2018

Carlos Martinho, researcher at the Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters group of INESC-ID, is organizing the Global Game Jam 2018,  the world’s largest game jam event with physical locations in 95 countries. During the worldwide event: At each site, participants … Continued

INESC-ID new management bodies

A new Board of Directors and a new Scientific Council Board were recently elected to the 2018-2019 biennium. The new Board of Directors is composed by: Leonel Sousa, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Luís Correia, Inês Lynce and Jorge Fernandes. The new Scientific … Continued

Signing Ceremony between INESC-ID and SPR

The signing ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement between INESC-ID and the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology will take place on December 22 at 9:00 am in the meeting hall of the Central Pavilion at IST Alameda. This agreement establishes the terms … Continued

“Digital Minds” in Observador

The digital newspaper “Observador” interviewed Arlindo Oliveira, President of Instituto Superior Técnico and researcher at INESC-ID. The interview is centered in his recent book”Digital Minds”, where we can find Arlindo Oliveira point of you, and some answers about the future … Continued

HiPEAC Tech Transfer Awards

Congratulations to Aleksandar Ilic, researcher at INESC-ID,  one of the ten winners selected for the 2017 HiPEAC Tech Transfer Awards with the Cache-aware Roofline Model integration in Intel® Advisor. Cache-aware Roofline model provides a simple and intuitive way of visually representing the … Continued

Journal IMPACT interviews Daniel Lopes about IT MEDEX Project

Daniel Lopes, researcher at INESC – ID  was interviewed by the publication“Impact” in the context of the Project IT-MEDEX. The project aims to introduce novel user interfaces and interaction experiences inside work-spaces where professionals are engaged in collaborative tasks around … Continued

Arlindo Oliveira – Prós e Contras | RTP

The opportunities and threats of Artificial Intelligence discussed on the TV program “Prós and Contras” with the participation of Arlindo Oliveira, President of Instituto Superior Técnico and researcher at INESC-ID.

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