Repetitions in Strings

Distinguished Lecture | meeting room @ Av Duque Ávila, 23, Lisboa | 17:00

Prof. Maxime Crochemore, Université Paris-Est, France – Abstract: Large amounts of text are generated every day in the cyberspace via Web sites, emails, social networks, and other communication networks. These text streams need to be analysed to detect critical events … Continued

Achieving Photoreal Digital Actors in Film and in Real-Time

Distinguished Lecture | Instituto Superior Técnico TAGUSPark (Sala 1.38) | 14:30

Dr. Paul Debevec, USC Institute for Creative Technologies, USA – Abstract: Somewhere between “Final Fantasy” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, digital actors crossed the “Uncanny Valley” from looking strangely synthetic to believably real. This talk describes how the … Continued

Digital information storage in DNA

Distinguished Lecture | Congress Center | 09:00

Dr. Paul Bertone, European Bioinformatics Institute, UK – Abstract: The amount of information that humans produce and want to store is increasing exponentially. It is estimated that the total digital information on Earth is of the order of zettabytes (thousands … Continued

Spoken Dialogue Systems: Progress and Challenges

Distinguished Lecture | Anfiteatro do Complexo Interdisciplinar, IST Alameda | 14:30

Prof. Steve Young, University of Cambridge, UK – Abstract: The potential advantages of statistical dialogue systems include lower development cost, increased robustness to noise and the ability to learn on-line so that performance can continue to improve over time. This … Continued

The Multicore Revolution

Distinguished Lecture | Anfiteatro do Complexo Interdisciplinar, IST Alameda | 14:30

Prof. Maurice Herlihy, Brown University, USA – Abstract: Computer architecture is undergoing, if not another revolution, then a vigorous shaking-up. The major chip manufacturers have, for the time being, mostly given up trying to make processors run faster. Instead, they … Continued

Model Checking and the Curse of Dimensionality

Distinguished Lecture | Lecture Room EA1, IST Alameda | 11:00

Prof. Edmund M. Clarke, Carnegie Mellon University, USA – Abstract: Model Checking is an automatic verification technique for large state transition systems. It was originally developed for reasoning about finite-state concurrent systems. The technique has been used successfully to debug … Continued

Symbiotic Autonomy: Robots, Humans, and the Web

Distinguished Lecture | Auditório Ávila | 14:00

Prof. Manuela Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University, USA – Abstract: We envision ubiquitous autonomous mobile robots that coexist and interact with humans while performing assistance tasks. Such robots are still far from common, as our environments offer great challenges to robust … Continued

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