Evolving Critical Systems

Distinguished Lecture | IST Alameda, anfiteatro VA1 | 14:00

Prof. Mike Hinchey, Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre University of Limerick, Ireland – Abstract: Increasingly software can be considered to be critical, due to the business or other functionality which it supports. Upgrades or changes to such software … Continued

Next-generation data-parallel dataflow systems

Distinguished Lecture | IST Alameda, anfiteatro EA3 | 11:00

Prof. Frank McSherry, ETH Zurich – Abstract: The Naiad project at Microsoft Research introduced a new model of dataflow computation, timely dataflow, which was designed to support low-latency computation in data-parallel dataflow graphs containing structured cycles. This model substantially enlarged … Continued

Privacy-Preserving Event Stream Processing in the Cloud

Distinguished Lecture | IST, room EA1 | 10:00

Prof. Pascal Felber, Université de Neuchâtel, Institut d’informatique – Abstract: Stream processing provides an appealing paradigm for building large-scale distributed applications. Such applications are often deployed over multiple administrative domains, some of which may not be trusted. Recent attacks in … Continued

Folk Theorems for Multi-Agent Systems

Distinguished Lecture | IST @Taguspark, room 0.65 | 11:00

Prof. Michael Wooldridge, University of Oxford – Abstract: The Nash Folk Theorems are a collection of related results that characterise the Nash equilibria that can be sustained in repeated games. As the name suggests, the Folk Theorems are technically simple, … Continued

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