12th Edition of MOJO

central atrium of the Taguspark campus | 10:00

  The 12th Edition of MOJO will take place at the central atrium of the Taguspark campus on 29th May, between 10 am to 6 pm. This event is organized by Instituto Superior Técnico Games Laboratory and led by the … Continued

Conflict-free Replicated Data Types: An Overview

Seminar | 336 | 14:30

Nuno Manuel Ribeiro Preguiça, Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Abstract: Internet-scale distributed systems often replicate data at multiple geographic locations to provide low latency and high availability, despite node and network failures. Geo-replicated systems that adopt a weak consistency model … Continued


The research team led by INESC-ID Researcher António Menezes de Leitão received last week two awards during the CAADRIA conference, Best Paper Award and Best Presentation Award. Best Paper The paper From Visual Input to Visual Output in Textual Programming … Continued