Talks on Model Driven Engineering & Artificial Intelligence Approaches

We want to invite students, teachers, researchers and professionals in the fields of engineering and management to participate in this event that will take place January 18th, between 1PM and 2PM at Pavilhão de Informática II, Sala 0.17, IST Alameda.

This series of conversations will start with  Model-based technologies (MDE) and artificial intelligence techniques (AI),  the basis of most systems that will support the activities and businesses of the future.

Although various areas of computer engineering have been developing rapidly, there are still few companies and universities that have extensively explored techniques involving modeling and rigorous specification of systems, transformation between models, or automatic generation. These techniques are applied at different levels of abstraction and in different application domains such as software engineering, civil, mechanical, but also in health, education, fintech or legaltech. These approaches will allow organizations to raise to a historical level of efficiency, productivity and intelligence.

Speakers:  Alberto Silva (IST) and João Paulo Carvalho (Quidgest).

How to participate:

The registration is free but due to the limited capacity of the auditorium (50 max), the registration is mandatory. Please use this link to do so.

Also, a light lunch will be offered to the participants at around 12H30PM.

More information: